Enhance Your Fenestration Projects With Cutting-Edge Thermal Barrier Technology

Established in 1977, Azon International has built its reputation as a world leading manufacturer of thermal barrier technology. Providing cutting edge fenestration technology to customers in the commercial construction for over 40 years, Azon has provided advanced window fenestration solutions to customers throughout the world. Committed to providing some of the most effective fenestration technologies and products possible, Azon sets the standard for quality and performance.

Fenestration Manufacturing Equipment That Ensures Precision and Efficiency

Engineered to meet the exacting demands of modern fenestration projects, the fenestration manufacturing machinery from Azon sets the standard for excellence in the manufacturing of thermally broken fenestration. Offering a number of manufacturing components, including the Azon Lancer™, AZO-Brader™, Fillameter™, Bridgemill™, as well as custom-designed conveyor systems, the manufacturing machinery from Azon can help you manufacture the thermally broken fenestration with precision and efficiency. From creating mechanical locks to removing metal bridges, the machinery products from Azon help manufacturers to achieve the highest quality standards when creating specialized fenestration.

Chemical Products that Enhance your Thermal Barriers Effectiveness

In addition to our state-of-the-art fenestration manufacturing machinery, Azon offers a range of chemical products designed to enhance the structural strength and energy efficiency of your construction project’s thermal barriers. Our Structural Thermal Barrier Polymer and Azo-Core™ Rigid Foam Thermal Barrier are specially formulated to provide greater insulation, ensuring the lowest conductivity possible. Designed help bring greater efficiency to your buildings temperature control, our chemical products deliver unmatched structural strength, insulating properties, and durability, surpassing the most stringent industry standards to ensure your projects windows have an effective thermal break. With Azon’s chemical solutions, commercial construction customers can achieve optimal thermal performance while enhancing the strength, and quality of their fenestration systems.

An employee-owned company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the fenestration technologies and products from Azon have seen use in global operations all around the world. Dedicated to providing quality fenestration manufacturing equipment, as well as chemical products that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of thermally broken fenestration, you can provide some of the best window fenestration solutions for your construction projects with help from Azon. Learn more about our machinery and chemical fenestration products online, or contact us today to explore how Azon’s innovative solutions can enhance your window fenestration projects to achieve greater success.