AZON Service and Warranty Program

The turnkey AZON system, including thermal barrier chemicals and machinery, is backed by a comprehensive service package that covers system design, thermal simulations, technical field support, ongoing testing, quality assurance, preventative maintenance, electronic quality audits, and a 10 year warranty.

AZO/Tec® Total Design Assistance

The AZO/Tec® Design and Simulation team assists customers with the technical design of structural and energy-efficient fenestration systems. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Make recommendations to improve existing and new thermal barrier products and glazing systems to achieve optimal thermal and structural performance
  • Review thermal barrier cavity sizes and locations
  • Assist with the conversion of polyamide and non-thermal designs to “Pour and Debridge” thermal barrier systems
  • Provide CAD drawings
  • Design thermal simulation studies

Quality Assurance

The AZON Field Support team performs regularly scheduled customer plant visits to perform equipment quality audits. We conduct quality testing of the polymer in plaque form and in extrusions to validate that the composite meets AAMA and ASTM specifications.

Approved Azo-Brader™ and Lancer™ Applicator Programs

Participants in the Approved Azo-Brader™ and Lancer™ Applicator Programs are chemical customers who adhere to strict quality control procedures and testing to qualify for the AZON 10-year warranty against failure of the thermal barrier polymer due to dry shrinkage and fracturing. In addition to the warranty, quality assurance practices and design service analysis, program participants receive certified training of mechanical lock machine operations, as well as marketing support.

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