Azo-Core™ is a high-density polyurethane foam thermal barrier with the lowest conductivity available today.

Ultimate thermal performance.

Fortified by MLP™ (Mechanical Lock Profile), a system exclusive to Azon for ensuring integrity, strength, and adhesion to the most difficult finishes, Azo-Core   enables commercial windows and doors to meet stringent global energy standards including: Energy Star, Passive House, and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).



How it works.

An aluminum window profile is designed and extruded with a strategically placed channel  to encapsulate the insulating polyurethane foam. The Azon Azo-Brader and Lancer mechanically resurface the extrusion cavity to ensure proper adhesion and bonding of the Azo-Core polymer to all finishes. The Azon Fillameter meters, mixes and dispenses liquid Azo-Core foam into the thermal barrier pocket. Within minutes, the thermal core solidifies into a strong, structural composite. Lastly, the Azon Bridgemill removes a metal bridge from the bottom of the channel to produce a true, non-metal-to-metal structural thermal barrier.


Lower thermal conductivity for lower U-factors.



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