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The Crucial Role of Thermal Barriers in Mitigating Operational Carbon Emissions in Commercial Buildings

  In the realm of sustainable building practices, the spotlight often falls on reducing upfront carbon emissions through eco-friendly materials and construction methods. However, the ongoing operational carbon output of commercial buildings tends to linger unnoticed. Addressing this oversight is crucial, and fenestration system thermal barriers emerge as indispensable allies in the quest to lower…
Two aluminum window frame extrusions, one thermal barrier cavity contains a Polyamide strip with a hollow center and the other is completely encapsulated with an Azon polyurethane polymer.

Polyamide vs. Polyurethane Thermal Barriers

The US Department of Energy reports that windows account for nearly 40% of energy loss in commercial buildings. To improve the overall energy efficiency of a building and adhere to increasingly stringent energy codes, the use of thermally broken aluminum window fenestration has become a standard practice.


Enhance Your Fenestration Projects With Cutting-Edge Thermal Barrier Technology

Established in 1977, Azon International has built its reputation as a world leading manufacturer of thermal barrier technology. Providing cutting edge fenestration technology to customers in the commercial construction for over 40 years, Azon has provided advanced window fenestration solutions to customers throughout the world.


Azon Announces Promotion of Patrick Muessig to President

Kalamazoo, MI, February 27, 2024– Azon, a leading thermal barrier technology company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Patrick Muessig to the position of President. In his new role, Muessig will lead Azon’s focus on innovation and operational excellence.


Welcome to the New Website For Azon

A World leader in the production of thermal barrier machinery and chemicals, Azon has helped customers throughout the world achieve the highest standards of strength and energy efficiency. Here you can find information on the thermal barrier technology, production machinery, and chemical products offered by Azon International.

AZON to showcase thermal barrier technology for the ultimate energy efficiency in Nashville at Builders Envelope Conference (BEC) and in Orlando at ET ’24.

Azon USA, Inc will join both the 2024 Builders Envelope Conference (BEC) in Nashville on March 3– March 5, 2024, and ET ’24: The Aluminum Extrusion Seminar from April 30 – May 2, 2024 in Orlando as an exhibitor to showcase the leading fenestration technology which is driving down U-factors.

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