The traditional Azon thermal barrier polyurethane, designed for poured-in-place insulating applications, has been the leading thermal barrier solution for window manufacturers and aluminum extruders around the world. The two-component polymer reacts to become a strong, insulating polymer specially formulated to provide shear and structural strength as well as insulating properties. The cured thermal barrier polymer resists fracturing during normal fabrication, making it the strongest thermal barrier solution for curtain wall and storefront systems.


AzoCore is a high density, two-component, rigid-foam polyurethane thermal barrier for fenestration systems. It is formulated to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency available today. As the thermal barrier material with the lowest conductivity, AzoCore delivers unrivaled U-factors. The expanded polyurethane core allows for commercial windows and doors to meet stringent global energy standards including: Energy Star, Passive House, and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).


AzoGrout is a specialty line of chemical grouting used in crack repair, soil stabilization, and stopping the infiltration of water in any concrete, brick, or mortar infrastructure. Depending on the formulation, AzoGrout can keep water out or hold water in. It can convert sandy soils into a solid mass by forming an elastomeric solid material, a rigid or flexible foam, or a gel-like substance. AzoGrout is a solvent-free polyurethane commercial grout with low viscosity and low flammability. It is safe to use with potable water and is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA).


AzoCap is an unfilled, two-component polyurethane electrical encapsulant compound. It is specifically designed to perform in electrical potting applications, and it is known for its quick reactivity and unparalleled cycle times. AzoCap is the ideal choice for improving production efficiency by increasing factory output. AzoCap is liquid stable insulating material that passes UL 94-V0 Flammability testing.

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