Structural Thermal Barrier Polymer

AZON thermal barrier polymer is specifically designed to work in conjunction with today’s high-performance finishes. The two components consist of a reactive resin and a polymeric isocyanate. Combined in the prescribed ratio, they react to become a strong insulating polymer specially formulated to provide the shear and structural strength, and insulating properties in the manufacture of thermal barrier aluminum extrusions. The cured thermal barrier polymer resists fracturing during normal fabrication and exhibits all end-use properties as tested per American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and industry specifications.

Azo-Core™ Rigid Foam Thermal Barrier

Azo-Core™ is a two-component polyurethane rigid-foam thermal barrier. It is specifically designed for poured-in-place insulating applications. As the thermal barrier material with the lowest conductivity, Azo-Core delivers unrivaled U-factors. The expanded polyurethane core allows for commercial windows and doors to meet stringent global energy standards including: Energy Star, Passive House, and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).


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